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SimplexDiam Consulting

Introducing our brand new division for professionally run event sales designed for jewelers to maximize their assets. Going Out Of Business (GOBs), Store Closing, Retirement, Consolidation, and Promotional Sales.

Other Services: Sale Supervision, Inventory Analysis & Augment, Marketing.

Converting your assets into the maximum amount of return is our goal.

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Types of Sale

Retirement, Closing, Going Out Of Business (GOB)

In today's economic climate it is nearly impossible to sell a jewelry store. Conducting a sale is often quicker and in many cases the results are better than if the store was sold as a going concern. Many of these sales can produce a store's annual volume in just a few weeks.

Consolidation Sale

There may be a time when you want to close a location. Utilizing the closing of one location for the benefit of all of your stores. This is an excellent opportunity to educate your customer bases to the transition within your business.

Promotional Sale

Whether you want to increase your customer base, sell off older or excess inventory, increase cash flow or simply create excitement during a slow period a professional promotional sale can help.

Buy/Sell Merchandise

Continuing with the rich history of SimplexDiam, Inc. no amount of inventory is too large or small for Simplex to offer a bid. Many of these deals will be passed on during our various sale events.
Services Provided.

Other Services


Each sale event conducted by SimplexDiam Consulting Services will provide an on-site supervisor. Our Supervisor will handle much of the normal daily work, help coordinate advertising efforts, educate staff and most importantly sell.


Utilizing SimplexDiam, Inc.'s incredibly diverse and exceptionally priced inventory will allow the jeweler to maximize the store's potential volume. The inventory is provided on a consignment basis. The store will typically achieve margins greater than 40% during the sale event,ultimately increasing the store's cash flow.


A detailed marketing plan will be executed before the commencement of the sale. Together with the help of the jeweler a budget and well-organized plan will be developed. The most important part of the advertising plan is flexibility. The advertising methods must be analyzed on an ongoing basis to accurately decide on the effectiveness.

Online Learning Center

We have prepared an online learning center here that is meant to help retailers prepare for successful retail sale.  We want to share some of the rough guidelines we have developed for a retail sale.  And of course, we are always here to answer any questions or provide a Free No Obligation Analysis.  Just connect with us below!  

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