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SimplexDiam Inc is the jewelry industry’s leading liquidation specialist, supplying closeout jewelry and diamonds to more than 1,000 accounts worldwide. Founded in 1983, we have worked with Zales, Amazon.com, Friedman’s, Samuels, Ultra, Value City, Boscovs, Belk’s, and virtually every other major retailer of fine jewelry in the United States.


A Leading New York City bank

To appraise such a wide variety of precious and semi-precious mounted and loose stones would have been very difficult without your help. Specifically, your suggestion on how to segregate the inventory in order to maximize perceived value had a substantial impact on the final sell price.


Christopher G. Ellis, President: Consensus Advisors LLC

SimplexDiam Inc. played a number of significant roles during the valuation phase and eventual auction of the $70 million of LID inventory. Their efforts contributed to a greater than expected recovery from the sale of the inventory. We value SimplexDiam Inc's input and would readily work again with such an industrious team.


Bill Boyajian, Former President of GIA

We have been working with SimplexDiam Inc. and the Madhvani family for some time, and are impressed with their industry knowledge and ability to work on many different creative projects. They are true pioneers and we regard their contributions highly.

Jim Rodriguez, Owner: Diamond Exchange

We have been customers of SimplexDiam Inc. for many years and have always been impressed by the value of their jewelry. There is no doubt that they are a rare find.


SimplexDiam Case Studies

Martin Ross Group Diamonds & Jewelry ®

  • Purchased both diamonds and jewelry in 2 separate public auctions
  • More than 12 bidders for greater than $15M at wholesale
  • Approximately 6,000 Cts of diamonds and 16,000 pcs of jewelry ranging from silver to 18k designer pieces
  • Price points from $20 to $10,000
  • The largest public liquidation from 2011 to 2015


Henry Dunay ®

  • Purchased inventory valued over $50 million at retail
  • 1st public example of SimplexDiam's involvement in high-end pieces
  • Unique high-value items (Rings at Retails of $50,000 and above)


BB&B ® American Heritage Collection

  • Remaining small collection of estate pieces from America's oldest jeweler to make it into the 21st century
  • 1st public example of SimplexDiam's involvement in estate pieces
  • Pieces range from mid-19th century to present
  • Pieces include pocket watches, antique rings, broaches, etc.
  • Many pieces complete with original boxes from BB&B's Philadelphia location
  • Example Pieces:



  • Residual Merchadise purchased after GOB sale
  • SimplexDiam purchased majority of inventory despite participation by almost all closeout players
  • Inventory included: beautiful bridals, fashion pieces, precious jewelry (sapphires, rubies, emeralds), and semiprecious jewelry (tanzanite, citrine, tourmaline, etc.)
  • Inventory also included a 7.51 ct heart shape diamond as well as several fancy colored diamonds


Downey Creations ®

  • Residual Merchandise purchase post-GOB
  • SimplexDiam purchased all of the inventory despite spirited 2 rounds of bidding by most closeout players and many diamond wholesalers
  • Majority of inventory consisted of loose diamonds of all shapes and sizes between 0.20 to 1.50 cts
  • Also included a significant concentration of VS to SI1 semi-mounts in white and yellow gold in 14kt and 18kt


363 Case Study: LID ®

  • SimplexDiam worked closely with Consensus and the banks
  • We were a stalking horse in the deal
  • Banks brought us in after several other valuations
  • Worked with Consensus to create a valuation for all parties involved and made an offer for the $43 million in jewelry inventory in December
  • Inventory sold for less than 10% more despite "spirited" bidding


Auction Case Study: Fortunoff ®

  • Demonstrated the strength of SimplexDiam's Proprietary Auction Methodology!
  • Guaranteed a Recovery on Fortunoff's Residual Diamond Inventory
  • Prepared Lots and combined internet, mail, phone, in-show, and guerilla marketing
  • Recruited Serious Domestic and International Bidders
  • Recovered greater than 73% on Fortunoff's cost value!
  • Likely the greatest recovery at a trade auction


Wholesale Brand Purchase Case Study: Colibri ®

  • SimplexDiam purchased Colibri's entire residual inventory in May 2009: approximately 18,000 pieces
  • Purchased a wide variety of branded product including Krementz ® , Princess Pride ® , Dolan Bullock ® , etc.
  • Valuation included atypical merchandise such as money clips, pocket watches, alternative metal, and gold-filled products


Retail Brand Purchase Case Study: Christian Bernard ®

  • SimplexDiam purchased the bulk of the Christian Bernard residual inventory in April 2009
  • Bid against many other closeout companies
  • Premium paid for brands - Testament to SimplexDiam's ability to value brands
  • Purchased a wide variety of branded jewelry including: Christian Bernard®, Ritani®, Tacori®, and Hearts On Fire®


Augment Provider Case Study

  • Approached by a leading liquidator to be the lead augment inventory provider for a major chain liquidation
  • Performed detailed inventory data analysis for valuation and structuring of augment inventory
  • Committed to providing $50 million in targeted augment inventory at wholesale


Purchase Case Study: Whitehall ®

  • SimplexDiam purchased the bulk of the Whitehall residual inventory in January 2009
  • Bid against many other closeout companies
  • Purchased lots in a wide variety of categories including: jewelry, loose gemstones, repairable jewelry, gold, colored gemstone jewelry, etc.
  • Purchased approximately $15 million at retail of residual inventory.
  • SimplexDiam has been amongst the highest bidders for jewelry at retailers over the last 20 years



Henry Dunay ®, BB&B ®, IDG Jewelers ®, Downey Creations ®, are not trademarks or copyrights of SimplexDiam Inc. SimplexDiam Inc. is in no way affiliated with the brands or any companies that own or license the brands. Product is, however, documented as product from the brands liquidated by the estate from sample lines, stock, and customer returns.

Fortunoff ®, Krementz ®, Princess Pride ®, Dolan & Bullock ®, Christian Bernard ®, Tacori ®, Ritani ®, and Hearts On Fire ® are not trademarks or copyright of SimplexDiam Inc. SimplexDiam Inc. is in no way affiliated with the brands or any companies that own or license the brands. Product is, however, documented as product from the brands liquidated by the estate from sample lines, stock, and customer returns.