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About SimplexDiam

SimplexDiam Inc. is the industry's leading diamond and jewelry liquidation and asset recovery specialist, supplying closeout jewelry and diamonds to more than 1,500 accounts worldwide. SimplexDiam's aggressive purchase of millions of dollars in closeout inventory allows us to offer our retail customers real value that results in better margins and more competitive pricing. Our extensive inventory is priced at 20% to 60% off wholesale prices.

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  • Jan 16-18, JIS Miami
  • Feb 3- 7, JCK Tucson
  • Feb 27-29, SJTA Atlanta
  • Mar 1-5, HKTDC HK
  • Mar 3-7, HKTDC HK
  • Mar 13-15, JA NY
  • Apr 9-11, JIS Miami
  • Apr 17-19, Smart Chicago
  • Jun 3-5, JIS Exc Las Vegas
  • Jun 3-6, JCK Las Vegas
  • Jun 23-26, UBM HK
  • Aug 6-8, SJTA Atlanta
  • Sept 13-17, AWE HK
  • Sept 15-19, CEC HK
  • Oct 14-17, JIS Miami
  • Oct 30-Nov 1, JA NY

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SimplexDiam: Wholesale Jewelry Liquidation Specialist

We help your business increase profitability by:

  • Supplying closeout jewelry and closeout diamonds at 20-60% off wholesale
  • Buying excess inventory to improve cash flow and balance sheets
  • Assessing inventory with discreet real-world valuations for loans and guarantees
  • Organizing event, store closing, and going-out-of-business sales to maximize return
  • Providing manufacturing, quality control, and business process services to make global sourcing more efficient

Asset Recovery

Our Asset Recovery Division turns excess inventory into cash. SimplexDiam purchases diamond and jewelry closeouts from wholesalers, retailers, manufacturers, pawn shops, estates, and auctions. We work with major retailers and independent jewelers to improve cash flow and monetize retirement nest eggs. We work with banks to maximize their recovery from liens and repossessions. We buy everything from entire inventories of major retailers and manufacturers to single 50-carat diamonds.

Real-World Inventory Valuation

SimplexDiam provides “true” valuation services for banks and corporations to evaluate the actual, not the “appraisal” value of their inventory. These valuations are done with discretion: for many corporations and institutions confidentiality is of the greatest importance. Our valuation team is skilled in providing reserve prices to guarantee a purchase price in the event of a loan being called in or other circumstances.

Simplex Consulting Services

Introducing our brand new division for professionally run event sales designed for jewelers to maximize their assets. Going Out Of Business (GOBs), Store Closing, Retirement, Consolidation, and Promotional Sales.  Other services provided: Sale Supervision, Inventory Analysis & Augment, Marketing.

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

SimplexDiam’s experienced team in India specializes in expediting quality control and improving manufacturing efficiency for retailers and wholesalers. A major retailer used this team to manage millions of dollars of emergency deliveries from design to manufacturing in five weeks, arrange international credit insurance, and perfect quality control during peak manufacturing season.

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