A Gradual Safe Return!

Shail Madhvani

A Gradual Safe Return!

Give Up."
~Winston Churchill 
We Wish A Gradual Safe Return To All our Friends, Customers, and Trading partners!
The last month has been a challenging one - filled with anxious moments during which each of us worried about health, family and friends. Each Of Us are now pondering how to move past this towards a new future - One in which we do not know all the answers.  
As we move forward, we are here to help in the best way we can = )  We look forward to seeing Each of you in person, until such a time we hope to chat with you in the near future.
Below is a listing of our specials as well as our manufactured best sellers we can ship every few days.  Mother's Day is Next week!!
In the spirit of being virtually in touch - Many of our best sellers are now uploaded on our functional website: shop.simplexdiam.com along with images to promote them on social media.  (This is a business to business website so it will require logging in as well as reseller tax id information.) Or just call us - we would love to speak with you = )  We can be reached at: +1 (212) 883-0888 or email us at sales@simplexdiam.com
"I get by with a little help from my friends." 
~John Lenon 
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