SimplexDiam Purchases Entire 8,500 Piece JSN Jewelry Liquidation

SimplexDiam announced winning all of the jewelry lots in the JSN Jewellery Liquidation. JSN is the wholesale manufacturing division associated with Ben Moss, one of the largest retailers of fine jewelry in Canada consisting of 54 stores that are presently running a Going out of Business (GOB) Sale. The JSN sale is the largest jewelry liquidation in 2016 or approximately $4 Million at wholesale cost.

The inventory consists of over 8,500 pieces primarily in commercial pricepoints below $500 at wholesale.  Shail Y. Madhvani, EVP of SimplexDiam, Inc. commented that "the inventory consists of very classic easy to sell items in lower pricepoints similar to the Martin Ross Liquidation we purchased last year."  Yogesh K.  Madhvani added "the styling should work well for USA, UK, Canada as well as Australia."  The Martin Ross Liquidation the Company purchased in 2015 was the largest liquidation in North America in the last 5 years.

SimplexDiam will be selling the inventory at the JIS Miami show (October 14-17), the NY JA Delivery show (October 30 - November 1) and at its NYC offices. 

Interested parties can reach SimplexDiam at, by phone on +1 (800) 233-1155, or online at

SimplexDiam Inc. is the industry's leading diamond and jewelry liquidation and asset recovery specialist, supplying closeout jewelry and diamonds to more than 1,500 accounts worldwide, or at the numerous GOB sales it is running.

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